Swedish Swimming Federation / E.ON – The Power of Swimming

One in five Swedish children can’t swim, despite the fact that they live in a land of lakes that is surrounded by sea.

Through VR, the Swedish Swimming Federation and sponsor E.ON introduces a group of children to three members of the Swedish swim team, who escort them into the water and help them to overcome their fears by taking a virtual plunge. Later, the children are taken to a real pool to meet the same swimmers, who encourage them into the water where they play happily and begin to learn to swim for themselves.

The documentary film finishes by inviting viewers to eon.se/simma to order free VR goggles, find your nearest local swimming association or view the VR/360-film with goggles.

- A reach of +230 million
- Various influencers and journalists praised the initiative including The Next Web , UploadVR , Campaign , Trend Hunter , Swimmer’s Daily, ze.tt, Pullbuoy, Creativity, Road to VR and many more.
- Thousands of VR-goggles ordered and still counting
- Massive response in social media creating a large debate around the topic
- 84% of those who saw the project say they now ‘like’ or ‘really like’ E.ON. That’s a 19% increase in likability, or a staggering 380% of the target achieved.

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View the VR-clip with goggles: