Zmarta Index

Zmarta är är en ny finansiell tjänst och det nya smarta sättet att jämföra lån online och hitta de bästa
alternativen för dina pengar.

Att göra smarta val kan ibland vara svårt. För även som priset har stor betydelse behöver inte alltid det
billigaste alternativet vara det som passar just dig bäst.

Då Zmarta är en helt ny aktör, behöver vi skapa förtroende och nå ut till olika målgrupper på ett nytt sätt.

För att navigera i djungeln av valmöjligheter finns tog vi fram ett speciellt Zmarta Index – din experthjälp
när det kommer till att göra smarta val.

Varannan månad lanseras ett nytt Index kring ett aktuellt ämne. Till exempel ett Snöindex som visar vilka
populära skidorter som ger svenskarna mest snö för pengarna eller ett Allsvenskt målindex som reder ut
vad man som fotbollssupporter faktiskt får för pengarna.

De olika Indexen har fått stort genomslag i media och på så sätt både ökat kännedom om varumärket och
genererat trafik till tjänsten.

Prova några Zmarta Index här:
Allsvenskt målindex
Tivoli index

EuroGames Stockholm 2015 – #FlamingStar

How the #FlamingStar Social Movement let the world take action against discrimination in sports.

EuroGames is one of the world’s largest LGBTQ events. It was founded to combat discrimination
and support the right to practice sport, regardless of gender or sexuality.

Hardly anyone knows about EuroGames. With Stockholm as the host city we needed to raise the
profile of the event and its aims, and, true to the EuroGames ethos, give everyone the chance
to get involved.

The #FlamingStar initiative used Twitter and the official EuroGames logo to create a empowering
moment which democratises the fight against inequality in sport.

How it works
Twitter users could sign up to ‘Carry the Flame’ and join the movement. Each person received a
notification when they were next in line. Supporters ‘carried’ the flame exclusively for 15 minutes
before passing it to the next person.

The #FlamingStar was carried by thousands, including Sweden’s Minister for Health Care and Sport
Gabriel Wikström, sport stars Nilla Fischer, Thomas Hitzlsperger, Glenn & Anton Hysén and media
outlets like Runner’s World, Women’s Health, Out Magazine, Huff Post and many more.

Both #FlamingStar and #eurogamessthlm trended in many countries during the campaign and
#FlamingStar became the most trending hashtag against discrimination in the world.

Involvement in the EuroGames event surpassed all expectations, with over 5500 participants and
250,000 visitors from 143 countries.

But much more importantly, what started as a single tweet sparked a long chain of worldwide
support and helped place a serious issue firmly on the global agenda.

Link to work

More about EuroGames and the subsequent #flamingstar movement
Swedish Radio interview I Runner’s World I Finest I LGBT football I LBB I Aftonbladet I Huffington Post
Women’s Health I SVT Edit I TV4 I EGLSF


LG – The Science Behind

LG Nordic is promoting the latest line of smart televisions with “The Science Behind”, an online campaign designed to connect with humorous online memes. Four films, “Goat Videos”, “TV Marathons”, “Couch Potatoing” and “Looping Aquarium Clips”, begin with the scientific advances that make high resolution OLED television screens possible. While LG Electronics Smart televisions are getting more and more advanced, the entertainment we watch is getting more silly, simple and hilarious.

The campaign passed +1 million views after two weeks + got lots of awareness in the target audience.

The Science Behind Goat Videos


The Science Behind Looping Aquarium Clips


The Science Behind TV-Marathons


The Science Behind Couch Potatoing


Mobile App Makes It Really Easy For Creatives to Obsess Over Festival Art

Stockholm_artweek copy2

How do you create the largest outdoor gallery in the history of Stockholm?

Stockholm Art Week is an annual event showcasing Stockholm as a city for art.

How do we democratize the art scene and get rid of the mindset that art is just for a few
selected ones?

The initiative Stockholm Is Your Canvas lets anyone submit their art and have it displayed
with augmented reality. It could be on a wall at the exclusive The Thiel Gallery side by side
to Edward Munch, Carl Larsson and Prince Eugene or somewhere around Stockholm city,
in collaboration with Stockholm Stad.

How it works
Whenever you find a Stockholm Art Week symbol just open the app on your smartphone,
point your phone’s camera at the symbol and voilà – an artwork will appear on your display!
Also, don’t forget to explore the calendar covering Art Week.

People from around the world uploaded a huge variety of artworks including famous eBoy
and Alvaro Sotomayor to local talent Eijer from Karlshamn. The initiative was also picked up
by a large number of blogs, news and most important; Visitors to Stockholm Art Week.

Download the app (demo-version)

Try the app here (three example markers)SAW_markers

Norwegian Red Cab

Interactive Billboard Takes Norwegians on a Live Taxi Ride Through NYC.

Norwegian Airlines is the third largest low-cost carrier in Europe. They have been named Europe’s
Best Low Cost Airline two years in a row. The company has 417 routes to 126 destinations.
All at low, low prices.

But most people, even in Norway, are unaware that Norwegian Airlines have a number of new
direct long-haul flights to places like New York.

How can we increase awareness about flying long haul among the target audience? Especially in
Norway? And make them engage with a destination like New York?

To promote its direct long-haul service to New York, Norwegian Airlines invited shoppers in
an Oslo mall to take a virtual taxi ride around Manhattan.

An interactive digital screen was connected live with a custom-designed taxi. People who took
part could choose where to go, and control the 360 degree live stream camera on the roof of
the car while the driver gave them stories, about the city.

The event was a huge success with lots of different and fun real-time data interactions. Most
participants have never been to the city and this opportunity certainly generated a very special
moment of inspiration.

The initiative was also documented and the film top-trended/shared in Norway the first days and
generated over +500.000 views the first month on Youtube and facebook. (10% of the population in

+820 articles generated on both in Norway and on a global level (including Tripadvisor, Aftenposten,
Travel Magaizne and Visit Norway) and +44.600.000 impressions in social media.

January 2015 had a considerable growth in long-haul operation, read more here.

Link to work


Like for Lives / Australian Koala Foundation

Like for Lives / Australian Koala Foundation

What if sharing a cute image could save the koalas?

The endangered koala probably gets more likes in social media than dollars in donations. But that’s all about to change.

The Australian Koala Foundation’s new social media initiative, Like for Lives, urges people to post a picture of a koala on Instagram or Facebook together with the promise: For every like this picture gets, I will donate 50 cent to

Mobile/desktop website:

And the Like4Likes-Instagram page is here

In the Media: Resumé I AdLand I AgencySpy

Porteur – Ride with Glasses


Jimmy Östholm är inte vilken cykelentusiast som helst. Han har vigt större delen av sitt
liv till att förbättra upplevelsen för cyklister. För ett par år sedan startade han Porteur,
ett cykelmärke som kanske är mest känt för sin unika design, men också för One-for-One
samarbetet med UNICEF.

För att stärka relationen mellan varumärket Porteur och den innovationsdrivna målgruppen,
ville Jimmy som först ut i Norden, utforska möjligheterna kring cykling och Googles nya
storsatsning Google Glass.

På Ride with Glasses kunde du under sommaren följa Jimmys resa och läsa om alla tester
som han gjorde med Google Glass. Syftet är att ta på sig ledartröjan för vad som kan bli
framtidens cykelupplevelse, ge mer frihet och säkerhet till cyklister och inte bara driva Porteur,
utan hela branschen framåt.

Exempel på test: The Beauty of Biking

Något som började som ett relationsbyggande projekt mellan Porteur/Jimmy och cyklister
har skapat ett så stort intresse både i målgruppen och branschen, att Jimmy inom kort
kommer att lansera en helt ny typ av produktinnovationsidé på baserad
på Google Glass. Stay tuned..


Länk: Ride with Glasses


LG G3 – “Low On Battery?” inflight banners

The battery life of the LG G3 smartphone was at the release superior to all other smartphones
on the market including iPhone, Samsung Galaxy and HTC One.

LG Nordics therefor wanted to target people with an extra need of a good battery life. We found
them up in the air, as there are no battery chargers onboard: Passengers using smartphones on
Norwegian Air’s wi-fi system.

We invented a new media placement.
When you log on the wifi, the ads recognized your hardware and compared it to the G3 and
delivered a message: “Low on Battery?” followed by “Level up with LG G3 and surf until touch-down“.

An estimated number of 1.2 million passengers flying to/from the Nordics, using wifi
during the flight were exposed to see the exclusive ads during the campaign.

During the campaign, LG G3 has topped the charts as “the most sought after phone”
and “best selling” in all the Nordic countries. (especially at airport stores).

The story have been picked up by tons of blogs, forums and media worldwide,
like Mashable The Drum Creativity Hot Sauce Android Central HNGN



LG is one of the leading providers of consumer electronics but had not been able to establish a strong position in the Nordic TV market. But in 2014, LG launched their new OLED-TV, the world’s largest and slimmest (only 4 mm) OLED TV.

How could we get the target audience to experience how slim a LG OLED-TV really is? And spread the word?

We realized that leading Nordic hifi magazine, “Sound & Vision” also happened to be exactly 4 mm thin. A coincidence leading to a unique product demonstration on the spine.

The unique product demonstration quickly attracted attention of over 700 technology sites and blogs around the world, including Gizmodo, Mashable, The Verge,, and (some of the most prominent media to create awareness among the target group), which in turn generated a large spread in social media and truly emphasizing the LG Electronics tagline: It’s All Possible.

Xide – The Ultimate X-Mas Playlists


Xide is an alcopop with a simple message: No history. No Tradition.
When one of our biggest traditions, Christmas, was approaching – Xide wanted to inspire people to celebrate it in a new way.


Many are looking for the perfect X-mas playlist on Spotify. A playlist that doesn’t contain the usual X-mas track played every year.



Through a banner on Spotify, people could direct access new and different Christmas playlists such as X-mas Jazz, X-mas Metal and X-mas R’n'B. The playlists were collaborative and you could add your favorites.


In 10 days, more than 5000 songs were added to the playlists and almost 2000 followers.

Live demo of the banner here: Xide – No history. No tradition.

LG – Xmas Story

(OBS: LG Xmas Story börjar vid 01:00 in i videon)

Inför fas två i LG:s kylskåpskampanj “The Inside Story” flyttade det twittrande kylskåpet till nordpolen. Under två veckor uppfyllde självaste Jultomten svenska folkets önskningar genom det live-streamade kylskåpet och varje dag hade man chans att vinna en julklapp för den bästa önskningen.

Önska kunde man göra genom både Twitter och i ett formulär på Bland julklapparna återfanns några av LG:s storsäljare som LG G2 och G Pad tillsammans med mer ”juliga” klappar.

Till kampanjsidan:


LG – Follow the Most

Att ha flest följare har sedan länge varit en outtalad tävling bland Twitter-anhängare. Men vem följer egentligen flest? LG:s senaste kampanj ’Follow the Most’ är en kapplöpning om att följa flest konton på Twitter.

Med överlägsen prestanda, fantastisk skärm och kraftfullt batteri är nya LG G2 den ultimata mobilen för den moderna och inbitna smartphone-användaren. De som hänger med i sociala medier och följer väldigt många bör därför använda LG G2 för den bästa upplevelsen.

Upplägget är mycket enkelt: Är du en av dem som följer flest konton på Twitter den 31 januari så blir du den lyckliga vinnaren av LG:s nya storsäljare.


Till kampanjsajt:


#somuchbetter -> #somuchbetterspp


How do you get lots of people talking about retirement savings? On Saturday nights?

“So Much Better” on Channel 4 is the most popular Saturday TV-show during fall in Sweden.
The hashtag #somuchbetter is always #1 on Twitter trending topics during Saturday nights.
Retirement savings, on the other hand, is something almost never talked about on Twitter.

SPP, a pension company, is a sponsor of this year’s “So Much Better” and to become a topic
of conversation we decided to kidnap the hashtag #somuchbetter with a new promoted hashtag
called #somuchbetterspp

It quickly became the “official” So Much Better tag during the evening and after a few hours
there were thousands of tweets made together with​​ SPP who also tweeted about pension using 
the same hashtag.

LG G2 Smartbanners (Recognize and Respond to Competitors’ Hardware)


In fall 2013, LG launched the new G2 Smartphone.
It was quicker, smarter, had better display and longer battery time.

How could we get other smartphone users to consider a LG G2?
People who love their iPhones, Galaxys and HTCs?

We chose to confront them. On their own phones.

We created smart banner ads that recognized the mobile hardware, compared it to the G2 and delivered a customized message, pointing out shortcomings of the competitor.

The banners gained click rate up to 830% higher than average. (*Source Havas Media)
After only five days, the banners had been picked up by 7,130 blogs, tech forums and newspapers worldwide.





LG – The Inside Story (the world’s first tweeting refrigerator)


Campaign site (translated demo version)

To raise awareness of the new range of door-in-door refrigerators from LG, we needed to get the buzz going online. The Internet is full of lively conversations, but when was the last time someone had one about a fridge?

We created the world’s first tweeting refrigerator. The fridge was set up at the production company “Baluba” run by Swedish comedian Peter Settman and his friends. Every time someone opened the doors, the fridge sent out a tweet with an attached live video stream. People got an “inside” view into the daily work and a chance to see visiting celebrities.

We didn’t have to start the conversation. The fridge did it for us: several international news sites picked up the story about the worlds first tweeting refrigerator.
But not only that: the search word “LG” rose by 32% in Sweden during the campaign. The campaign message spread globally to over +1.200 influential blogs and newspapers which gave LG some well earned PR. Estimated PR value = 1.7 million Euro. Earned media with a reach of 76 millions.

How it works

VIASAT – The Battle of Premier League (Fan Livebanner)

Viasat Football is the number one channel for football fans.

To kick-off the new Premier League season, fans could show their passion in a live banner.

It soon became a serious love game between supporters of rival teams.

The ad was updated in average every 8th second on Sportbladet (the largest sports page in Sweden).

View demo banner ->

Stockholm Pride – GOWEST (Become a cyber spy for equality)

Link to website:


Facebook activation
Instagram activation

What were the objectives for the creative work?

Our objective was to raise awareness of the oppression of the Russian LGBTQ community: a subject completely ignored by domestic and international press.

In 2012, Russia passed an anti-gay propaganda law banning Pride parades for 100 years. Subsequently, Russia saw a surge of hate crimes motivated by homophobia.

No one acknowledged this, offered support or reported the story either in or outside of Russia. With media under strict control new ways of reaching out and raising awareness were needed.

What was the strategy behind the creative work?
We got GOWEST, an initiative supporting the Russian LGBTQ community, trending on Twitter within Russia. And, in doing so, forced Russian and international press to pay attention.

What was the creative work?
The campaign began with a single tweet. It urged people to visit and compose their own tweets inviting Russians westward to Stockholm Pride. Importantly, the tweets were automatically translated into Russian. The geotag was changed to Russian cities which enabled the topic to start trending on Twitter within Russia.

What effect did it have in the market?
From a single tweet on 14th May 2013 all this happened:

In just three days, GOWEST was trending on Twitter in Russia. An incredible wave of tweet-invitations were sent from, reaching over 3.7 million Russian Twitter accounts. *source:

The cause was picked up and retweeted by influential celebrities. This not only helped GOWEST trend in Russia, but these endorsements sparked the attention of the international press, helping GOWEST explode with worldwide coverage. Even Russian mainstream media featured the initiative. Stockholm Pride estimates the PR coverage generated was 10x higher than previous years.

Social response
GOWEST started with a single tweet and resulted in direct response of 110,000 interactions (likes and follows) in the first week alone. Earned media for the campaign period is estimated at 680,000,000 (impressions) worldwide. *source:

The secondary objective of GOWEST was to raise attendance at Stockholm Pride by 8%. The activity drove a 33% rise, smashing the objective by 300% and a year-on-year increase of 800%.

GOWEST was the first and only campaign to focus on the oppression of Russian LGBTQ community, precisely when the cause was being ignored by domestic and international media. It has since inspired other local and global initiatives in support of the same cause.

More about GOWEST and the subsequent movement:

Fast Company I Huffington Post I LGBT Weekly I Wall Street Journal I Swedish Television I Aftonbladet I Yahoo I DN I RT I ESPN I QX I Sweden’s Foreign Minister Carl Bildt I Swedish Radio I Gay Star News I I BuzzFeed I Huffington Post I I CBC I I Huffington Post I Pink News I The Local I Nyheter24 I


Stockholm Art Week – Stockholm is your Canvas


Our brief was to put Stockholm Art Week on the map and create buzz. We took it literally and created an app that captures your movements on a map of Stockholm using GPS, and transfers this to an artist who paints the movements on a real canvas. Your ‘art walk’ became a brush stroke on the co-created art piece. People could visit and see how their brush strokes – and the whole canvas – came to life through a live streamed link to the artist’s studio.

The campaign generated PR for Stockholm Art Week in local and national TV, radio and newspapers as well as international buzz online. The finished canvas was displayed at the closing party and then sold. The were used to support young artists in Stockholm.

View site View app View banner


SAW_siten SAW_App-icon SAW_banner